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Jasper to Banff 4 day Cycle Tour (Hotel) - Our Most Popular Tour

The Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Banff has been called the most spectacular highway in the world. 

Located here in Western Canada, Alberta this road winds its way from Jasper through a valley and over a couple of high passes surrounded by Mountains, Lakes, Wildlife, and Waterfalls to Banff traveling through 2 National Parks. 

Come see it for yourself but instead of rushing by it all in a car, why not jump on a bike? 

With no roof to get in your way and traveling at a speed that is much more conducive to taking in all of the magnificent surroundings, sights, smells and sounds along the way. 

With our supported tours, what could be a challenging ride just got a whole lot easier, enjoyable and more awesome. 

We'll carry all your luggage, set up rest stops with food and drink to keep you nourished and hydrated, organize your accommodations, transfers for you and your bike, provide bike rentals if required and be just around the corner if you need a rest of a ride in the support van at any time. 

Jasper Banff bike tour pricing summary

4 day - hostel

4 day, 3 night

  • 2 nights wilderness hostel
  • All meals
  • 1 night regular hostel (dorm room)
  • Total Inc. GST: $728 per person
  • Itinerary (PDF)
  • Join a Tour
2 day - Hotel

2.5 day, 2 night

2 day - Hostel

2.5 day, 2 night


Check out this video from a great group that rode with us in 2013. The Bucket List crew. 


Hostelling International made a little video on one of our tours. Enjoy!

Join us below for a photographic journey from Jasper to Banff as seen from a Bicycle.
Click on the first photo for a larger version then click anywhere on the left or right of the photo to move to the next one. Enjoy.
We can assemble a collection of photos similar to this for $30 on a USB stick that you can take home with you after your tour.
The best part you and your friends will be the in the action.