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New E-Bikes on order – watch this space for more soon.

Exciting news from Mountain Madness Tours.

We recently contributed some funds to an E-Bike kickstarter project and we’ll soon be the proud new owner of what will likely be the new wave of E-Bikes on the market.
Instead of a clunkier, heavier and expensive specialty E-bike, why not just take your regular front wheel out of your regular road bike set up and insert the new E-bike Front wheel.

Peaks of the Parkway – Part 1

It may be hard to imagine now, but the Columbia Icefield and surrounding peaks have only become accessible within the last century.
Back in 1898 the area was remote and difficult to reach. There were no roads and no railroads. Fur trade routes and First Nations trails were to the north and to the south. The icefield was in no-man’s land.
Since that time, the area has opened to adventurers and explorers and most peaks now have names.
Read on to hear the stories behind the naming of some of the most significant peaks and geographical features along the Icefields Parkway.

About Mountain Madness Tours

Hi there, Thanks for visiting our website and finding your way to Ben’s Blog.
I’m your Host, owner and operator of Mountain Madness Tours.
Read on to find out more about us, how and why we created Mountain Madness Tours.

3 reason’s why you might consider an E-Bike (Electric Pedal Assist Bike) for your next cycling tour.

Although the majority of our tour customers prefer to ride between Jasper and Banff on a regular road bike we realize that the distance between Jasper and Banff and the elevation changes can be daunting to some. There’s definately a bit if a stigma out there in the cycling community regarding E-Bikes but we thought we’d share a few reasons why think that for some people it’s the most awesome thing ever!

Gearing Up for Road Bike Touring in the Rockies – Part 4. Clothing

Weather in the Rockies can vary greatly from day to day and rain at low altitudes can mean snow or sleet at high altitudes. In addition, rock walls tend to concentrate heat in the valleys. What can you do to prepare?
Read on to see a recommended list of clothing to bring with you on your next cycling tour.

An interview with Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge

During our Jasper to Banff cycling tour we are fortunate to stay at some unique properties along the Icefields Parkway.
Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge located 60km from Jasper is where we stay on the first night of the tour.
Read on to find out more about this wonderful hotel during a great interview with General Manager Matthew Corlett and a cool video showing the lodges spectacular surroundings.

Experience the Rockies on an E-Bike

It helps to be in reasonably good physical shape to join our tours and interestingly we find even the most experienced cyclist worries about completing the route.
In our experience though we’ve seen all shapes, sizes, ages and experience levels complete the tour, But if you’re still not quite sure you can physically handle the tour, why not try an e-bike?
Enjoy the scenery with new and old friends at the right pace without the stress of keeping up with your partner and the rest of the group.
Read on to find out more about E-bikes and hear from one of our customers about her experience using the bike.

Icefields Parkway Fast Facts

During your cycling tour you’ll be riding the 230km long Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise.
Read on to find out some interesting fast facts and history on this road.

Chipmunk or Squirrel?

Cyclists riding with Mountain Madness Tours along the Icefields Parkway often see both chipmunks and golden-mantled ground squirrels.
Read on to find out more about these cute little rodents and find out how to tell them apart.

Crow or Raven ?

You’re likely to encounter both American Crows and Common Ravens during your cycling tour along the Icefields Parkway.

If you’re perplexed by the identity of two commonly seen big black birds in the Rocky Mountain national parks, you’re not alone. We frequently get asked for tips on how to tell these birds apart.

Read on to find out some common differences and tips on how to tell them apart.

Why travel by bike?

I recently stumbled across a nice cycling blog written by Tom Allen, a guy from the Uk that has cycle toured across 40 countries and 4 continents. I thought if anyone was to know ‘Why travel by bike” it would be this guy!