Exciting news from Mountain Madness Tours.

We recently contributed some funds to an E-Bike kickstarter project and we’ll soon be the proud new owner of what will likely be the new wave of E-Bikes on the market.

Instead of a clunkier, heavier and expensive specialty E-bike, why not just take your regular front wheel out of your regular road bike set up and insert the new E-bike Front wheel.

Hard to believe it could be that easy but from all accounts thats what it looks like we’ll have in our hot little hands by the middle of July.

Now if you rent an E-bike on one of our tours you’ll look just like everyone else on their regular road bikes and you’ll be able to cruise along in stealth mode!

Stay tuned for a future post including video of our first session out on the new E-bike wheels soon.

To get an idea of whats coming check out this website and video below.
It’s a pretty exciting idea.