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  • Keith Gooch's picture

    Looking back on my cycling season, the Mountain Madness tour from Jasper to Banff was definitely the highlight. The route was great with fantastic and varying views. The hotels and food were very nice. The support from Ben was good and his friendly / positive nature seemed set the tone for the whole group of riders. I really liked the I was free to ride at my own pace whether that was "all out" on some of the very long gradual declines or to stop as long as I liked to enjoy a view or just take it all in.

  • Brad Dobko's picture

    This was my first supported cycle trip and what a great trip it was. It set a standard that will be very difficult for my next tours to equal. The trip ran perfectly without a hitch thanks to Ben's organization and planning. Even as we cycled our way through pouring rain, Ben would be around the corner with a big smile and a thumbs up for encouragement. Thanks again Ben for an unforgettable experience. 

  • Frank apuzzo's picture

    Mountian madness jasper to banff tour was absolutely amazing and the best way to enjoy the heart of the Canadian Rockies i found the mountian madness link and video of what Ben offered on Facebook and the tour was exactly like the video described food was great and so were the hotels and Ben made us feel like we were friends for years encourageing comforting and freindly if you want to combine fitness nature and adventure this is something you will not regret .

  • Brian Knight's picture

    We did the Jasper to Waterton trip with Ben.  This is our third trip with Mountain Madness, the second personally conducted by Ben.  Travelling with Ben is like going with an old friend.  We have ridden with both Backroads and Freewheeling and the level of support with Mountain Madness was better than with these companies.  The hotels are quite adequate given that in many places the choice is limited and the selection of restaurants was also good.  Ben has really good suggestions for side trips and his "rest or chill days" could be exhausting if you did everything he suggested (don't worry you don't have to).  We have used our own bikes but we have never heard anybody complain about the bikes Ben rents out.  

  • Q's picture

    Great service!..efficient and puntctual. you get to meet cool people too. My third year in a row using MMT on my Canadian Death Race adventures. Way to go, Ben!  Cheers.

  • Jim Alexander's picture

    What a great tour through an astounding country. Ben was the perfect guide, and we were with great people!

  • Marc-F. Bernier's picture

    It was an amazing experience to ride the Rockies with Mountain Madness Tours, and especially with Ben Johnson as our host. Everything was very well prepared.
    Pour mes amis de France, je vous recommande absolument cette organisation afin de profiter pleinement de votre séjour au Canada. Ce sont quatre journées exceptionnelles à rouler au milieu de montagnes immenses, toujours à proximité de rivières, de chutes d'eau et de torrents, d'animaux sauvages, de pics enneigés, etc. Les lieux d'hébergement sont confortables et propres, bien situés sur le parcours. Vraiment, ce fut un séjour exigeant physiquement, mais chaque coup de pédale en valait la peine.

  • Michael Birnbaum's picture

     "What an experience, the Mountain Madness Jasper-Canmore tour, with genial, laid-back and knowledgeable host, Australian-Edmontonian Ben Johnson!  Come
    prepared for the greatest ride of your life and willing to learn Ben's technical terms to describe the road experience, such as "kicka" "whoopsie"
    and "big bump".  Marvel at the spectacular beauty of the Columbia Icefields Highway and the Canadian Rockies.  Stay in hostels or hotels and ride the
    daily segments chosen so wisely by Ben at your own pace.  Ben is the consummate tour host, riding down kilometres just to accompany his cyclists
    to ride up the toughest part and insisting on a "mandatory optional" detour to the viewpoint of Peyto Lake, which varies from turquoise to azure blue in
    colour.  Well-worthwhile, many thanks to Ben and I intend to return in the

  • Michiel's picture

    I joined the Tour de Roo tour that was supported by  Mountain Madness Tours represented by Ben Johnson. It was a awesome experience! An absolute stunning experience which I can recommend to any rider who is looking for a cycling adventure in Australia. The stages were great, nature impressive and the co-riders very nice. Ben did a really great job. He is friendly, very supportive and skilled in this kind of work. Thinking of doing other tours with this company, cheers, Michiel

  • Shafeek Khan's picture

    I have completed the 2014 and 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer using a Felt bike rental from Ben Johnson and I would certainly guide anyone to do business with him.. Ben's easy-going nature and willingness to work with me makes a recommendation to either go on a tour or utilize Mountain Madness Tours a real no brainer. I purchased a Felt rental off of him since he will be upgrading to a newer model and I am extremely happy with the performance of the bike. I will certainly consider one of his tours in the near future and will "Live the dream" by encouraging my colleagues, friends and family to come along for the ride. Thanks for everything Ben and kudos to Cam the owner of Element Cyc Multisport who tuned up the bike for me prior to my event. The bike felt like it was brand new after he made adjustments to the gear levers, brakes and changed out the tube! Thank you for going the "Extra mile" to ensure my ride was successful and the bike was in A-1 condition. Keep up the great customer service!

  • Andy McCullagh's picture

    My wife Sarah and I biked from Jasper to Banff with Ben and it was a truely amazing trip! The tour was well planned, fun, the right pace/length and the scenery was stunning, I would highly recommend Ben and Mountain Madness to anyone looking for a cycling touring trip in this area. We always felt well supported with an array of tasty snacks waiting for us at just the right time, the accomodation was very nice and the food each night definitely hit the spot.
    Thanks again Ben for making this a highlight of our honeymoon :)

  • Eric Kuntz's picture

    I had the great opportunity to ride with Ben for the first half of a 12 day tour (Jasper to Canmore). It is definitely one of the best vacations I have had ever. The accommodations and meals were excellent. Ben's great personality is infectious and brings the group together.

    The highlight for me was Day 4 from Sunwapta Falls to Saskatchewan Crossing. You get a great climb up past the Athabaska glacier and then the second half of the day is pretty much all downhill. If you have the chance this trip is an absolute must.

  • Jos Stevenson's picture

    I was on the Jasper to Waterton trip in July 2015. As a weekend, social cyclist I will admit to being a little nervous in case I had bitten off a bit more than I could manage. If you are thinking along the same lines don't worry. Ben makes sure you can manage everything with brilliantly timed stops and snacks, you simply sit back and enjoy the ride. The trip really was a holiday of a lifetime. Ben is such a magic guy a great host and a great inspiration. What more can I say, it was a fabulous ride on a faultless hire bike, the scenery was awesome and I will think of the people we met as friends for a very long time to come. Thanks Ben, a service like you provide is hard to find.

  • Caelin White's picture

    Properly caring for a solo runner for the Canadian Death Race (CDR) is obviously a ton of work and Mountain Madness Tours (MMT) did an absolutely amazing job of providing me with the support that I needed. In 2013, I completed the CDR with the support of a friend, who graciously forfeited her August long weekend to help me cross the line in 22 hours and 50 minutes. This year (2015), my goal was to beat my previous time. At every transition, Ben and his crew were placed in a great location, with my gear prepped and ready to assist me with anything I needed. Personally, all I usually need as a racer is to have my food and gear transported to the transition points, but MMT offered much more than that. They had all kinds of extras, like clean cooler water, a BBQ, a trailer with a changing area, and chairs. Normally, I wouldn't elect to use those things, but I confess some of those things (e.g., having a comfy chair to sit in, eating warm pasta versus cold pasta) really helped me to mentally reset for each leg. Ben also tracked my leg completion times, asked how long I wanted to pit at each transition, and then prompted me when that time was up. The crew also rinsed and prepped some of my gear (e.g., shoes, shirts) I wanted to reuse for subsequent legs. It was also very clear that they did their best to customize support provided to each racer's needs. In the end, I finished in around 20 hours and 44 minutes, beating my previous time by over two hours. MMT provided me with excellent support so I was able to do that. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend them to any solo racer that's looking for anything from basic to extra race support. Thanks guys, you were awesome!

  • Duncan Stevenson's picture

    We decided to 'push the boat out' for a seriously major cycling holiday this summer to thoroughly re-charge our batteries for another year at work.
    My 'better half' was looking for ideas when she was captivated by a description of a trip through the Canadian Rockies written by Mark Beaumont on one of his mega cycle challenges.
    So she started researching options on the Internet and came upon Mountain Madness and Ben.
    We were initially tempted by the full 12 day tour from Jasper to Waterton National Park, but were concerned that we wouldn't be able to keep up with the daily mileage and started thinking about the shorter tours.
    We got in touch with Ben, who reassured us that an average level of fitness would be more than adequate to complete the full tour, which turned out to be quite right. What we didn't realise was that the Canadian roads through the Rockies are big, wide and mostly have a great cycling surface in the roadside shoulder where most of the kms are ridden, with relatively modest climbs, rarely above 4.5 %! The max gradient is 8.5% for a short distance. 
    The somewhat forbidding metres climbed on paper were not a problem on the ride because they were over several kms at these gradient rates! Check out the YouTube vids other clients have shot.
    Anyway, Ben said, if someone hits 'the wall' they can simply jump in his minibus to recover and the bike goes into his magic trailer!
    We spend most of our riding time in the Lake District and other hilly parts of the UK, when most rides include many ascents, usually short, but up to 25% on occasions. This takes its toll on the legs, so 80kms is a long ride for us normally.
    With Ben's diligent support and regular re-stoking with intelligent, yummy snacks and meals from the Ben Cafe, (which appears from his Dr Who's Tardis like trailer to make a very welcome sight), the kms fly by! He knows exactly when and where to set up a stop. There is usually something spectacular to see as well! The astounding mountain scenery just seems to get better and better as the days roll by!
    This was the first supported tour we have been on. The hire bikes were great and it was very mentally relaxing just to roll out of bed in the morning and jump on the bike after breakfast for the day's adventure, knowing that a good meal and another bed await, all arranged by Ben. No hassles, just riding, eating and socialising with the other folk on the tour. Marvellous! We all had a great time and it was a very fulfilling experience to get to know the other riders who had amazing stories to tell!
    Ben was unceasingly cheerful and always a pleasure to be with. He has some amazing stories of his own, which explain how he knows so much about fitness levels and nutrition, but you'll have to join one of his tours to hear them for yourself!

  • Garet Hess's picture

    This has been my third trip with Ben @ Mountain Madness Tours. Each year I look to a new adventure and I look to no one else. Ben's careful attention to trip preparation, food, support, advice and his enthusiasm provides what I need to be successful in each cycling adventure. I start and end each adventure with a big smile on my face. Thank-you Ben!!! See you next year!

  • Anonymous's picture

    Mountain Madness Tours rocks! In July 2014 two friends and I competed solo in the 125km, three peak, Canadian Death Race. Ben Johnson and his team provided our support. They were extremely well prepared, professional and attentive to our personal needs. No detail was left to chance and they quickly adapted to our changing needs over the 22 hour event. If it was not for the MMT team, I doubt our results would have been so successful. I recommend, without hesitation, Ben and MMT for the Death Race or any similar adventure. David Brezer

  • Eric Burnett's picture

    Wow.  Talk about a premiere experience in the Canadian Rockies!  Ben is not only extremely friendly and accommodating, he is uber-knowledgeable about the area.  From moments prior to booking, all the way to the completion of the Jasper to Banff journey, Ben made me feel supported.  His van and super-trailer combo made every rest stop along the path a real treat.  The food and snacks that he provided were yummy and perfect for that extra umff of energy!  His daily course explanation was accompanied by elevation and distance maps that made it very clear what to expect.  The hotel/hostel stops along the way were wonderful.  And my fellow-riders in the trip were so friendly.  All-in-all it was a very professional package that never ceased to make me feel like my money was very well spent.  Thanks Ben!  Keep on making people's dreams a reality, brother.  - EB

  • Nici's picture

    My husband and I cycled the Jasper to Banf route in August. We are not cyclists and this was our first big cycle trip - but with Ben's support, enthusiasum, encouragement, organization, great snacks, fabulous bikes and general all over niceness, we made it in one piece! What an amazing trip it was. From the first email contact Ben went above and beyond what I expected and made the trip really, really great - the highlight of my trip to Canada. Oh, and the scenery was breathtaking too!

    Nici and Stevie, Scotland

  • Denise Cox's picture

    Blue River tour was amazing. Ben Johnson went out of his way and beyond to meet everyone's needs and we all had an awesome ride. Can't wait for my next trip.

  • john shaw's picture

    Third time out with Ben. As you can see from the comments on the site, cycling on trips he hosts can be habit forming. I've done Jasper-Canmore (2013), Blue River (2013) and Blue River again (2014, different routing). Great host, great company on the rides with spirited and happy cyclists of all levels. Just book something with him.

  • Simon's picture

    Just back in Scotland after a great weekend cycling from Jasper to Banff.  I would highly recommend this tour.  I hired a bike from Ben which was in great condition (I don't think there was a single issue with any of the four hire bikes over the entire four day trip which says something in itself). The support from Ben was great - always there if you need it but you are also left to get on with the ride as you wish. Food and drinks available at rest stops were excellent as well.  The scenery is just incredible and it is great that Mountain Madness offer a high quality trip to match it.  Hope to see you again for another tour sometime Ben !  

  • Darren's picture

    Ben and his crew provided outstanding support for the Death Race.   Hot soup in the middle of the night and cold beer at the finish can only happen when you have Ben on your team.  They had everything waiting for us as we entered transition and catered to our every need.  I was so pampered I didn't want to leave the transition area.  

  • Glen Osmond's picture

    I took the solo support service from Ben and it was excellent. My friends and family are down east so I wasn't planning on doing the CDR until I heard about the solo support service. I paid for the solo support service before paying for the CDR. For me it wasn't convenience, I truly needed it. And it was just what I needed: place to store everything, someone cheering you on, and a team having everything ready for you. For anyone going solo, it's the way to go. What I was most surprised to learn is that this service is great not just for soloist but teams as well. Why rent a 5th wheel or a bus van ($1500+ins) for a wknd when you can use this service. Whether I do it solo or as a team, next year, I'll use this service again. Ben's a great guy and familiar with the CDR. For veterans, he knows the lingo, for newbies like me, he knows what you need. It was a great wknd. tks Ben.

  • Jan Moolman's picture

    Hi Ben! What an awesome weekend. Thank you for providing all the support I needed to finish my first solo Deathrace. My transitions felt like formula 1 pitstops- foot bath, hot food and much more. Highly recommended! Might see you next year. Jan

  • Kathy Saul-Fowler's picture

    From the first email contact to the end of our tour Ben was incredibly conscientious and organized but also a whole lot of fun and enthusiasm. He was able to adapt the tour to really suit our needs by helping the whole crew of us get from our hometown to Jasper. Differing biking skills or accommodation needs seemed to be no problem. We were spoiled by the great food and snacks. He was so encouraging and all of us felt successful on this challenging but indescribably beautiful ride. Two thumbs up!!

  • Robyn Ptasznik's picture

    We rode from Jasper to Banff and it was the most beautiful scenery I ever saw on my bicycle. It was the best cycling trip ever!! Ben did an amazing job taking care of absolutely everything from getting us and our stuff everywhere, arranging accomodations before during and after our ride, feeding us, taking us on fantastic hikes, saving me when I got a flat tire and providing delicious snacks at scenic spots along the ride. Ben is a nice, thoughtful and hardworking guy. We loved our trip with Mountain Madness Tours. Thanks Ben for making this trip so much fun and memorable.

  • Martin Gillett's picture

    Ben, great job on our Jasper to Banff ride. Unbelievable you could arrange such good weather. Special thanks for to you, Curtis, Rob and Elaine for getting my bike up and running after the crevasse ate my rear wheel, it was much appreciated and allowed me to finish the ride.

  • Maureen and Daniel's picture

    June 2014
    Couldn't recommend Ben and his company highly enough! One of us was fit and experienced, one of us less so, and Ben accommodated us magnificently. He is customer service-oriented, kind and thoughtful. His rental bikes are top-of-the-line gear and made the ride so much more enjoyable. Logistics well handled; great food and selection of hotels. Don't hesitate! 

  • john shaw's picture

    August 2013 Ben has supported two rides I've done so far this year, out and backs near Blue River BC, and Jasper-Canmore. One could not ask for a better guide. His choices of rest stops, meals/snacks on wheels, his care for us and our bikes were all second to none. I hope to do more rides with him next year if not before. Let's get behind him and make sure his business flourishes. He is an asset we don't wish to go without!

  • Dan and Jayne Emerso's picture

    August 2013 We rode from Jasper to Banff (2013) with Ben's support. That included material things such as the van, food, etc., organizational components of the ride, and his enthusiasm, knowlege, and willingness to help us enjoy and see the most of this awesome part of the country. Thank you Ben.

  • Phillip Haswell's picture

    On June 29 and 30, 2013 myself and seven others supported by Ben Johnson of Mountain Madness Tours rode the 289 km Highway 93, Icefields Parkway (Promenade des Glaciers) between Jasper and Banff, one of the world’s premier bicycle tours. Starting in Jasper, Alberta (1062 m) the highway ascends the testing Sunwapta Pass (2035 m) at 108 km drops down to Saskatchewan River Crossing (1426 m) at 154 km and then ascends to Bow Summit (2088 m) at 191 km. From Bow Summit it is a delightful descent to Lake Louise (1539 m) at 233 km with an obligatory stop at Laggan’s Mountain Bakery for an Eccles cake and coffee and then a fast 56 km ride via the Trans Canada to Banff (1387 m) and a well-earned soak in the hot springs. The organization, logistics and mechanical support provided by Ben and Mountain Madness was exemplary. I would have no hesitation recommending Mountain Madness Tours on this route.
    Phillip Haswell, Edmonton, 2013.07.03

  • Elly Chang's picture

    July 2013 Went on the 4-day Jasper to Banff trek with Ben. Best trip, ever. Once you bike the mountains, anything is possible. Ben made the trip all the more great with his humour, hospitality, and ever-constant support. I wouldn't do this trip with anyone but Mountain Madness. Thx Ben!! You're the best. I hope we see each other soon, maybe a mountain hike once I'm in better shape, though you're a force to be reckoned with

  • Cathy & Serge 's picture

    July 2013 We did the Jasper Banff Tour July 2013. Can't say enough about Ben and his intentions to make our experience the best. He watched over our group like a mother hen. Everything was perfect even the weather. I would highly recommend Mountain Madness without hesitation.

  • Bryan Fontaine's picture

    October 2012 Summer is coming to and end and what a summer it was. 3 fantastic cycling weekends of being spoiled by Mountain Madness Tours is the life. Ben's attention to detail is unmatched and he genuinely does care about your wellbeing and enjoyment of his tours. Do yourself a favor and sign up, or dream your next adventure with Mountain Madness Tours. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy your friends and favorite sport, even in the rain. Thanks for the great summer Ben! See you soon……..Bryan

  • Derek's picture

    September 2012
    Ben, thanks so much for your excellent service getting out bikes to and from Ironman Canada. For the second year in a row you exceeded expectations in every way and I would recommend Mountain Madness Tours- without reservation - to anyone.

  • Sia's picture

    September 2012 Ben, you are one of the most capable, selfless people I have met. On so many occasions you jumped to accommodate the needs of our Jasper-Banff tour. Never losing your smile, supremely prepared and organized, just tell me: where do I sign up for the next trip?

  • Liz's picture

    September 2012 If you look up top level customer service in the industry guidelines, I bet you'll see Ben Johnson and Mountain Madness Tours. I did a supported ride from Jasper to Canmore with a random group of cyclists and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Making it all look easy, Ben consistently goes the extra mile to see that your trip is a success! Lots of service extras I didn't expect. I highly recommend Mountain Madness Tours!

  • Peter N's picture

    September 2012 Ben does it all!! Well, okay perhaps not all since I didn't see him on a bike all weekend :) Ben took very good care of our group cycling from Jasper to Banff and onto Canmore! We all appreciated his good humour, his driving skills and his willingness to help with anything. He would bring out and put away our bikes each day and bring our bags into the hostels. This was way above what I expected. Everyone enjoyed the cycling, the hostels, including the rustic Sauna, and just the amazing nature of the overall experience. Thanks Ben....you made a special weekend for all of us!

  • Dennis's picture

    Thanks Ben for your friendly greetings at the rest stops, especially after a difficult hilly section! You were aways there for the riders. I think you'll be famous one day! Dennis, Aug 31-Sep 3 2012, Jasper to Banff ride

  • Dominika 's picture

    September 2012 I took part in a 4-day Jasper to Banff cycling tour. The whole tour was perfectly organized from the beginning till the last minute – thanks to Ben! Our group had more experienced cyclists that went ahead and some less experienced (more relaxing pace) type cyclists (=me - in the back of the crowd). During each day we took a couple of big breaks that allowed our bodies to rest from the physical activity & had some refreshments. I especially appreciated the excellent customer service of Mountain Madness Tours. They go above and beyond of their customers’ expectations! On the 2nd day of our trip I got a flat tire 35 km to our hostel and Ben was so nice that he came to pick us up, drove us to the hostel, fixed the tire and drove back to drop us off so we could continue where we left off (I am stubborn and wanted to do every inch of this trip on my bike!). This trip is a must-do bucket-list item and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys challenges and is looking for active weekend in the beautiful mountains. Dominika Pekarova

  • Heimo's picture

    August 2012
    Had the best weekend of my life with my son, on a skydiving trip that Ben arranged for us. Would highly recommend Mountain Madness Tours. Thanks again Ben for everything!

  • Sonja's picture

    August 2012 Thanks Ben for supporting EBTC's trip to Blue River! It was an awesome time, in no small part due to our confidence in knowing our bikes and supplies would be well taken care of. You are well organized but more importantly, you are flexible, loads of fun and a good sport.

  • John Burdett's picture

    August 2012 Ben... You the Man ! and coming from a Kiwi that means a lot. You never get rattled. You always have a plan. You're always smiling and you were always there if we needed you during the EBTC Blue River tour.I will definitely be contacting you when it's time for my next adventure. Too bad you don't like Vegemite. :>)

  • Phrank's picture

    August 2012 Ben did a super job supporting our ride from Jasper to Banff (with an extension to Canmore). A great sport and very interested in our well being. Snag yourself some lawn chairs and an awning Ben and you will be set!

  • Rhonda's picture

    October 2012 Ben did a wonderful job of providing support for my supported ride from Jasper to Banff with Edmonton Outdoor Club. I highly recommend him for any trip.

  • Jasmine's picture

    July 2012 I have to say a big WOW when it comes to using Ben and Mountain Madness Tours! We had an unforgetable travel experience on a four day trip travelling from Jasper to Banff by bicycle. Ben was our driver, tourguide, extra hands, luggage porter, go for this and that and smiley guy all the way! Very impressive service and outstanding attitude! I can highly recommend Ben for any trips you can dream up!!!He is game for just about anything!! Thanks Ben for an awesome time in the Rockies...the trip would not have been the same without you! Thanks for all your participation and willingness to go the extra mile!!!

  • Ray Lariviere's picture

    July 2012 Recently came back from a Jasper-Banff bike ride hosted by Ben. He did an awesome job. He really enhanced what already was a great trip. Looking forward to my next ride with Ben.

  • Pat Woods's picture

    November 2011 I booked a ride with Ben to the Canadian Death Race 2011 in Grande Cache Alberta. Although 8 of us got into the van as strangers we all departed as friends and had an awesome experience at the race. Ben provides an excellent service,it is the best way to travel to your adventure destination, no worries about how to get there, when to leave, parking, where to stop for food, everything is taken care of and you can just relax and enjoy. He really looked after us and I highly recommend Mountain Madness Tours, simply the best!

  • Jasmine's picture

    September 2011 Here we are back in Edmonton after an unforgettable get-away and cycle trip weekend with Ben and Mountain Madness Tours ! We sooo appreciated having Ben as our master driver and support go-to guy! Thanks for making this trip memorable and being there to load up bikes and luggage and endless boxes of food and supplies.Our trip to Nordegg and beyond was a trip that none of us will forget.Using Mountain Madness Tours makes the planning of such a trip that much easier! I certainly can recommend using Ben for an ordinary and extraordinary trip!We havn't been back 24 hours yet and hubby is already making plans for the next adventure!THANK S BEN! cheers !Jasmine

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